Concierge Service

We believe in offering our guests all the comforts of home at The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing where our highly acclaimed Guest Services is here to accommodate every guest’s needs throughout their stay. Our concierges are on hand to greet guests in the main lobby and are ready to answer any questions, help them settle into our facility and offer assistance in any way possible. Every member of our Guest Services team is focused on making each guest’s stay with us an enjoyable one no matter what the need, whether it be an extra blanket, or someone to run out and pick up a birthday gift for a loved one, our concierges are here to serve our guests 24 hours a day.


Courtesy Shuttle Service


While every member of The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing team is here to make our guest’s stays an enjoyable experience, we recognize fully that family involvement in a guest’s care is of paramount importance. Our Grand Courtesy Shuttle is available to pick up family members as often as necessary in order to visit their loved ones. Our shuttle is also available for all guest appointments and supervised outings.




The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing boasts executive chefs with many years of experience accommodating any and all dietary needs without compromising taste and quality, giving them the ability to design and create delicious menus and meal choices for our guests and families.


The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing Technology


The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing is proud to be a pioneer in healthcare technology and our innovative iPad program provides each guest with a means to communicate directly with family and loved ones anywhere in the world any time of day or night. Guests and families can communicate via dedicated email, video chat, or direct dial individual phones, and personal hi-tech flat screen televisions give each guest access to a world of entertainment with multiple channels, video feeds, and games at their bedside.


The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing Safety & Security


Keeping our facilities as cutting edge as possible allows us to best enhance the lives and comfort of our guests. We have updated our care system to utilize Electronic Medical Records for all guests, allowing for quick, easy access to paperless medical records, placing a wealth of information at the caregiver’s fingertips, allowing them to provide the fastest and highest level care available.

Our innovative exclusive NoWander® Platform provides core services including wander management, elopement prevention, asset management, staff duress, wireless nurse call, and alarm and alert escalation. This enables us to provide better management, assessment and response, allowing us to ultimately provide more secure care for all our guests.