Entry Survey

Employee Information

Guest Information

Relationship to Resident:

Questions (1 - very unsatisfied , 2 - unsatisfied, 3 - neutral, 4 - satisfied, 5 - very satisfied )

1. Did you feel welcomed by the staff members?

2. Do all staff treat you with courtesy and respect?

3. Does the nursing staff listen carefully to you and explain things to you?

4. When using your call button, how often did you get help as soon as you wanted it?

5. Is the area around your room quiet at night?

6. Do you feel you are on task with your therapy sessions?

7. Do you have any favorite activities?

8. Would you be interested in going to the activities that we offer here?

9. Who is doing your laundry?

10. Was your clothing labeled?

11. Is your room clean, free of odor, and presentable?

12. Are the meals enjoyable, tasty, and satisfying?

13. Are you satisfied with the appearance and temperature of your food when it arrives?

14. Would you like to try the Grandwich of the week or choose from the "always available list"?

15. Is there anything we can do to make your stay here more comfortable?

16. How did you hear about the Grand?