• "As a guest here, I could not have asked for anything better! Everyone working there was very friendly and cared about my rehab journey. I got to pick my own meals off a menu, and everything was delicious! Staying here helped me not only get back on my feet, but helped me become a better person! I recommend this healthcare facility for everyone!" Alice Y.

    "Working on my health has never been so pleasurable! I would never have imagined that physical rehabilitation could actually be fun. The staff at this location was pleasant and helpful and I am confident that their positive energy contributed to my success. I felt like I was on a vacation rather than rehab. It seems like everywhere in this place is comfortable. I couldn’t imagine a better place to work on my health."Janice T.

    "Working here is really an eye opening experience. I have heard horror stories about how some rehab centers don’t care about their patients and as a result, the patients never recover 100%. However, the opposite is true here. We do everything we can to ensure everyone has a speedy recovery and is taken care of. The Concierge Service is available 24/7 so if anyone ever needs anything, we are going to help them. Our guests are always in good hands. " Drew M.